Welcome to Relias Learning

Since 2013 the web-based training platform used by DIDD and waiver service providers has been the Relias Learning Management System (RLMS). The RLMS platform is used to organize learners, assign courses and curricula, send automatic email alerts on training which is coming due, create rosters for classroom training, and generate reports. There are recorded Webinars on Relias Connect and the DIDD website under the training tab which will walk you through creating a learner, assigning courses and curricula, the SHARE functionality and using reports.

Use this link to access those webinars.

Established organizations have downloaded the majority of their staff into the Relias training system so new learners can be added one at a time by creating User IDs. If your organization is new to Relias and you have several staff (more than 10) that need to be downloaded into Relias, there is an Excel spreadsheet used for that process in the Appendix of this document. A webinar on that process is also available on the DIDD website which you can access by following the link in the previous paragraph.

We welcome new training administrators\/supervisors and encourage you to familiarize yourself with the DIDD training website. There is a Training Requirements document with web-based course material previously used (the College of Direct Support) and how that compares with Relias course work. There is also a link to the Tennessee DIDD Staff Development Plan and Resource Guide that addresses DIDD training requirements.

Relias has a catalog of courses with many recognized by certifying agencies, which offer continuing education units (CEUs) or continuing education credit (CEC), for completions which can be used toward various professional certifications. We suggest you explore the catalog as you are free to choose any courses offered, in addition to those chosen by the Department as required training and listed on the DIDD website. Each organization should review the new CMS Final Rule and develop its own training plan for their staff.

The DIDD HelpDesk for Relias questions and issues is [email protected] and the phone number for that HelpDesk is 855-212-7627 or 615-391-9835.

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